Appointment Name Country Appointed by
FIH Representative READ Ken Australia FIH
FIH Event Co-ordinator BAY Yasemin England FIH
Tournament Director DOYER Wiert Netherlands FIH
Technical Officer MOHAMMED MOGHUL Muneer India FIH
Judge KANYANGARARA Kays Zimbabwe FIH
Judge MOSTAFA Tarek Egypt FIH
Judge WARRIS Rogier Netherlands FIH
Medical Officer MANJRA Shuaib (Dr) South Africa FIH
Media Officer NIEDERMEYER Nina Germany FIH
Umpires Manager SCHELLEKENS Philip Netherlands FIH
Umpires Manager HORGAN Steve United States FIH
Umpire LIZANA Eduardo Spain FIH
Umpire VAZQUEZ Paco Spain FIH
Umpire CHEN Dekang China FIH
Umpire GOMEZ Fernando Argentina FIH
Umpire GREENFIELD Gareth New Zealand FIH
Umpire PRASAD Raghu India FIH
Umpire van BUNGE Coen Netherlands FIH
Umpire NEL Deon South Africa FIH
Umpire WRIGHT Peter South Africa FIH
Umpire KENNEDY Andrew England FIH

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