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The hosts with the most

January 16, 2013
Portugal tops FIH list of Round 1 hosts

As part of the FIH's World League marketing program, there was  a competition among the Round 1 hosts with the chance to win 1,000 USD for their marketing efforts. The winner was selected for the best marketing and promotion at the Round 1 event . While several Round 1 hosts went above and beyond the call of duty, the FIH is pleased to announce that the winner is Lousada, Portugal, which hosted a five-team men's tournament.

Portugal went the extra mile by using social media, video promotion and promoting their event locally (i.e. schools, newspapers, posters). 

Their efforts included a visit from the Portuguese hockey team to a local school in Lousada. There, the Portuguese hockey team did a presentation on hockey and of the Hockey world League. The trip is concluded with the hockey team running a practice session with all the students in the sports hall.

In addition, portugal had an excellent Facebook page which was very well managed during the event and is still used now to support the Portuguese Hockey Team at Round 2. They have also posted some interviews on You Tube from the event.  

The FIH would also like give special recognition to the Czech Republic, Wales and Fiji as their marketing programs were also excellent.

Top-four finishers were as follows:

1. Portugal
2. Czech Republic
3. Wales
4. Fiji

Congratulations to all these fine host nations.


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