Owen G Glenn Champions Trophy Auckland 2011
Auckland, New Zealand - December 3 - 11, 2011


Super-Motion Camera adds to CT experience

December 9, 2011
5000 frames-a-second capability will generate impressive slowmos

The fine TV production of the Owen G Glenn FIH Champions Trophy will get even better today thanks to the use of a special video camera to film the action.

In what is believed to be a world first for hockey, the event in Auckland will be filmed by a special “Super-Motion” camera that will produce stunning, high definition slow motion footage that is sure to add to the Champions Trophy experience.

With normal television cameras capturing around 25 frames per second, the Super-Motion camera is capable of capturing an incredible 5000 frames per second that will create crystal clear slowmos.

Footage from the Super-Motion camera will be used in action replays throughout today’s coverage of the event both on television and on through Live streaming services. 

The FIH would like to thank Phantom Effects for the use of the camera. 


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