Champions Trophy Amstelveen 2000
Amstelveen, Netherlands - May 26 - 4, 2000
Appointment Name Country Appointed by
Tournament Director RAISTRICK Evelyn Scotland FIH
Technical Officer STIBBE Hetty Netherlands FIH
Technical Officer LEDESMA Pamela Argentina FIH
Judge MOHLMANN Jolanda Netherlands FIH
Judge SHIM Jae Won Korea FIH
Judge BORGMANN Reinhold Germany FIH
Judge MASANA Miguel Angel Spain FIH
Judge SPORK Monika Germany FIH
Judge BROWN Sheila South Africa FIH
Judge van 't HEK F Netherlands FIH
Judge DAMANIA Arnavaz India FIH
Umpire ROYAARDS Alexandra Netherlands FIH
Umpire BARNESBY Judith Australia FIH
Umpire CLARKE Gill England FIH
Umpire VAN DIJK Anne Canada FIH
Umpire MALINA Heike Germany FIH
Umpire DE KLERK Marelize South Africa FIH
Umpire FARRELL Lyn New Zealand FIH
Umpire SPITALERI Gina Italy FIH
Umpire COHEN Renee Netherlands FIH

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