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Rules of Hockey

As the international governing body for hockey, we are responsible for the rules of Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side), Indoor Hockey and Hockey5s. Below you can download the rules for each format of the game and even order your own rulebook.

Outdoor Hockey (11 a-side)
We update our rulebook every two years so it’s worth checking you have the latest version. The 2015 edition of the rulebook, which came into effect on January 1st 2015, is available below. Any changes made within this period are also published separately below.

Rules of Hockey 2015.pdf (527.8 KB)
Rule 13 - Attacking Free Hits within 5m of the circle.pdf (13.3 KB)

Indoor Hockey
As with the Outdoor Rules, we update our Indoor Hockey rulebook every two years and changes made within this period are published separately below.  The 2015 edition of the rulebook, which came into effect on January 1st 2015, is now available below.

Rules of Indoor Hockey 2015.pdf (512.9 KB)

Hockey5s was created for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing and has been hailed a great success. The current rules are available below along with guidelines for umpires on this new format. FIH is committed to evolving Hockey5s into a sport that young people love watching and playing so watch this space!

Hockey5s Rules - 2015 (198.1 KB)
Hockey5s Umpires Briefing 2015.pdf (218.6 KB)
Hockey5s Information.pdf (140.1 KB)

Send me a Rulebook
Simply tell us which rule book you are after, fill in the form and we’ll post it to you as soon as your request comes through.

Rules Book Order Form 2015.docx (257.7 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rules of Hockey

Got a question about the rules of the game? See if yours makes our ‘greatest hits’ in this list of frequently asked questions. 1.What is the role of the Rules Committee?The Rules Committee produces rules for indoor and outdoor hockey by: Specifyi…

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