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When most people go to a hockey game, they are enraptured with the two teams competing on the field. But do they ever think about what goes into getting those teams into action? From youth development, to medical services and proper equipment; the FIH Sport Department makes the inner workings of the game its primary concern. Below are the main areas that encompass the sport.



Want to know which officials are working on behalf of the FIH at all the upcoming tournaments? Then look no futher than the official Appointments Lists. Updated monthly, it is a comprehensive look at which on and off-field officials will be at FIH events.



Ask any athlete who their favorite coach was, they will likely be able to answer the question in a split second. Such is the positive effect of a good coach. The FIH has the goal to give coaches around the globe at all levels the tools they need to reach their highest potential and give the next generation of hockey players a positive experience within the sport.



Just as important as the game is in the key hockey markets, so is its growth potential in emerging hockey countries. The FIH has the aim to give all nations the tools and resources it needs to grow the game in their country through resources and various programs. 



When an athlete takes to the field it is unlikely that they are thinking about the turf quality or the specifications of their playing equipment. That's because the FIH ensures that there is a standard to be upheld around the globe. From approving lighting and turf, to monitoring advances in equipment, the FIH wants only the best for its games and its athletes.



The safety and health of the athletes is priority number one for the FIH. It is through the initiatives of the medical area that the FIH monitors injury trends, ensures a clean game through anti-doping programs and helps give practical tips and information to doctors, coaches and athletes.



Without rules, there would be no games. But the FIH goes one step further and stays on the cutting edge of rule development. This allows the FIH to keep up with the constantly evolving game of hockey, while staying true to its roots. Once every two years, the FIH is responsible for producing the newest Rule Book.



Making sure the rules are consistently followed is a major responsibility, which is why the FIH has several initiatives to help umpires at all levels. Through on-line tips and seminars and certification levels, the FIH is doing its part to ensure that when an umpire takes the field, he or she is fully qualified to officiate the match.



The future of the game lies in its youth. Through festivals and events all around the globe, the FIH is constantly trying to attract the next generation to the game of hockey.



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