Listen to FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman

FIH has launched a project in close co-operation with the IOC support the enhancement and renewal of Indian Hockey.

India has a long tradition in hockey and an outstanding record of achievement going back many years. Hockey is regarded as the traditional national game of India.

A strong Indian hockey playing team and a strong administrative team is good for India, for Asia and for hockey globally.

The outcome is intended to be the re-establishment and subsequent maintenance of a high profile for Indian hockey.

This should re-establish India’s position as a top six men’s and women’s hockey nation with realistic medal ambitions.

The project has been developed by the FIH together with the Indian Hockey Confederation (IHC), the Indian Olympic Association. Funding has been provided through Olympic Solidarity.

Bob Davidzon (NED), a former member of the FIH Executive Board and chairman of FIH committees will lead the project.

He will work with the IHC to identify key stakeholders and interests and to analyse strengths and weaknesses. This will enable priorities to be established and a strategic plan to be drawn up.

Work on the project has just started and the first stage of the work will be carried out in the next six months.

There will then be various follow-up projects to deliver appropriate organisational structures together with playing and development projects and so on.

FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman commented that: “this is an exciting and stimulating project for India and for hockey. It is courageous of the Indian Hockey Confederation to agree to look in detail and openly at its aims and structures. This project is challenging and will require hard thinking and open minds by everyone involved.”

“However, I am confident that the cooperation and constructive approach already demonstrated by the Indian Hockey Confederation and the Indian Olympic Association in particular will ensure its success.”