India 1 drew Malaysia 1

Goals: IND – Sandeep Singh PC 44m; MAS - Rahim Muhamad Amin PS 21m

Mohan Jiwa - MAS
'We played well. India is always a good team. One of the best team...skilful and fast.'

Kuhan Shanmuganathan - MAS
'Very well played. India capitalised, but we are happy with the point.'

England 4 defeated New Zealand 3
Goals: ENG - Simon Mantell FG 8m, Barry Middleton FG 28m, Matt Daly FG 47m FG 66m; NZL - Bevan Hari FG 16m, Hayden Shaw PC 51m, Blair Hopping PC 70m

Martin Jones - ENG
'We are delighted. It was a key game. We'll be playing Scotland tomorrow. They (New Zealand) played very well.'

South Africa 6 defeated Trinidad & Tobago 1
Goals: RSA - Wayne Madsen FG 16m, Justin Reid-Ross FG 18m, Lungile Tsolekile FG 19m, Ian Symons PC 26m, Leroy Phillips FG 33m, John Paul FG 66m; TRI - Dwain Quan Chan FG 59m

Wayne Madsen - RSA
'We started off a little slowly, but picked up by the end of the first half. We tapered off a bit in the second half and kind of cruised a little bit toward the end of the match.'

Australia 5 defeated Scotland 1
Goals: AUS - Matthew Wells PC 12m, Dean Butler FG 26, Luke Doerner FG 32m, Travis Brooks FG 62m, Brent Livermore FG 66m; SCO - Niall Stott FG 13m

Nathan Eglington - AUS
'The crowd is really good, which feeds us. We were a little bit unsure (of Scotland) because we don't know much about them.'

England 5 defeated Canada 0
Goals: ENG - Kate Walsh PC 6m PC 53m PC 60m, Helen Grant FG 11m, Lucilla Wright PC 41m

Mel Clewlow - ENG
'To get the first winunder our belt was fantastic, but tomorrow against Scotland is going to be twice as hard. They (Canada) have improved loads.'

South Africa 4 defeated Nigeria 1
Goals: RSA - Kate Hector PC 12m, Tarryn Bright PC 30m, Jen Wilson PC 39m, Marsha Marescia PC 47m; NGR -  Christy Bulus PC 66m

New Zealand 11 defeated Barbados 0
Goals: NZL - Honor Dillon PC 8m, Jane Maley FG 23m, Lizzy Igasan PC 27m, Frances Kreft FG 32m, Krystal Forgesson FG 37m FG 48m PC 53m, Charlotte Harrison FG 41m FG 43m FG 50m, Michelle Hollands FG 61m

Ian Rutledge - NZL Coach
'Hopefully the performances were strong enough to meet Canada. We need to maintain the shape and structure, and keep them in good form. It was great to play with patience.'

Australia 8 defeated Malaysia 0
Goals: AUS - Rebecca Sanders PC 9m FG 49m, Nicole Arrold FG 23m, Kate Hollywood PC 25m, Nikki Hudson FG 28m, Suzie Faulkner FG 49m, Madonna Blyth FG 57m, Angie Skirving PC 65m