New Zealand 4 defeated Canada 1

Goals: NZL - Gareth Brooks FG 4m, Shea McAleese FG 27m PC 47m, Simon Child FG 68m; CAN - Wayne Fernandes PS 16m

Pakistan 4 defeated India 1
Goals: PAK - Mudassar Ali Khan FG 23m, Tariq Aziz FG 38m, Adnan Maqsood FG 40m PC 58m; IND - Tejbir Singh FG 5m

Malaysia 8 defeated Trinidad & Tobago 0
Goals: MAS - Rahim Muhamad Amin 4, Mohd Nor Mohd Madzli 2, Kali Logan Raj, Misron Azlan

England 3 defeated Scotland 1
Goals: ENG - Martin Jones FG 14m, Matt Daly PC 41m, Simon Mantell FG 30m; SCO - David Mitchell PC 29m

England 5 defeated Scotland 0

Goals: ENG - Chloe Rogers FG 4m FG 36m, Mel Clewlow PC 18m PC 40m, Helen Grant FG 59m

South Africa 2 drew India 2
Goals: RSA - Henni Du Buisson PC 6m FG 12m; IND - Subhadra Pradhan PS 30m FG 69m

Jenny King - RSA Coach
They (India) always sneak one in. We knew that there was a risk that they would do this. We're certainly not lying down. It was exciting hockey. India getting that second goal was disappointing, but in the last 15 minutes the Indians played particularly well.'