8th Men's Pan American Junior Championship – Classification Matches

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Match Reports by Graciela H. Ortiz, PAHF Media Officer

Jamaica 3 defeated Venezuela 0
Goals: Jamaica - Jerome Davis 7m, David East 13m, André Gardiner 44m

Jamaica defeated Venezuela 3-0 in the first match of the ninth round of the eighth Men's Pan American Junior Championship, which is being held at the Antonio Maceo stadium in Santiago de Las Vegas, 25 kilometres South from La Havana.

With this defeat, Venezuela finished in the last position of the tournament without scoring and conceding 96 goals against.

Meanwhile, Jamaica will play on Saturday at 1.30pm local time, against Puerto Rico to decide the ninth and 10th positions.

Jamaica's goals were netted by Jerome Davis, in the seventh minute; David East, in the 13th, and André Gardiner, in the 44th minute.

Venezuela had the chance of scoring their first goal from a penalty stroke in the 60th minute but their captain Stefan Kaise’s shot was wide.

Cuba 3 defeated Trinidad & Tobago 0
Goals: Cuba - Alberto Díaz 10m, Iván Makenci 26m, Ricardo Dieguez 40m

Cuba defeated Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 abd will play for fifth place against Canada, on Sunday at 9am.

Though Cuba went to half-time leading 2-0, both sides produced good scoring options, but the home side was more precise and effective in front of their rival’s goal.

Cuba’s penalty corner defence was also very strong, preventing Wayne Legerton's lethal shot.

Alberto Díaz, in the 10th minute, from a corner deflection, and Iván Makenci, in the 26th minute, scored for the hosts in the first half.

Cuba dominated the second half, while Trinidad & Tobago counter-attacked without harming their rivals.

The home side increased the lead, in the 40th minute, through Ricardo Dieguez.

From then on, Cuba kept control of play until the final whistle.

Canada 5 defeated Barbados 3
Goals: Canada - Scott Tupper 10m, Philip Wright 14m 47m, Mark Pearson 15m, Jonathan Roberts 27m; Barbados - Aaron Forde 44m 62m, Paul Harding 52m

After Canada's dominance during the first 35 minutes, the North Americans had to struggle to defeat Barbados 5-3 in the last match of the ninth day.

After few minutes, Canada kept the pace gaining midfield and reaching their rival's circle dangerously.

Then, Canadians opened the score - in the 10th minute - from a powerful shot by Scott Tupper. Four minutes later, Philip Wright, put his team 2-0 ahead after deflecting a cross.

In the 15th minute, Canada increased the lead to 3-0 from another deflection by Mark Pearson.

Jonathan Roberts netted the fourth in the 27th minute.

The match became exciting after half-time as Barbados reacted tightening their marks in midfield and in the back row.

Thus, they closed the gap - in the 44th minute - through Aaron Forde from a penalty corner deflection. But three minutes later, Canada took a 5-1 by Philip Wright again.

Barbados scored again from Paul Harding, in the 52nd, and a minute later, the Caribbean team missed an excellent opportunity to score their third, when Richard Hildreth was blocked inside the circle, but the penalty stroke shot by Jamar Small was wide.

However, Barbados did not give up and Forde his second for a 5-3 scoreline in the 62nd minute. However their efforts were not enough and Canada took a deserved victory.

Saturday's Matches
Semi Final 1: Argentina v Mexico, 8.30am
Semi Final 2: USA v Chile, 11am
9th Place Playoff : Puerto Rico v Jamaica, 1.30pm
7th Place Playoff: Trinidad & Tobago v Barbados, 4pm