Eight players will be celebrating their birthdays during the World Cup and no-one will be hoping for a more magical day than Australia's Jacob Whetton.

Four World Cup players will be celebrating their birthday on 10th June, an obviously good day for international hockey. For each of those eight we asked what present they want most for this year’s birthday or how they would be celebrating.

8 Dean Couzins will celebrate his 33rd birthday on the day after New Zealand have played world number 2 Germany and the day before the Black Sticks face world number 3 team and hosts, Netherlands. It is perhaps not surprising to hear that the team's second most capped player will be 'taking it easy.'
7 A trio of England players will be celebrating birthdays. Hannah MacLeod turns 30 on 9 June, and she says: "I will be celebrating my big day with 17 friends and hopefully a lot of presents. It's a rest day so I may treat myself by putting my feet up." 



Ellie Watton and Sally Walton are two of those 10th June births and the players have an identical birthday wish – three points from their group match against Germany.
4 Oliver Korn is another of the four players celebrating on 10th June. The two-time Olympic champion will be celebrating his 30th birthday with a match against Korea. 
3 Ana Perez Rodriguez (10th June) is one of two Argentine players celebrating a birthday during the tournament. At 36, she will be one of the oldest players in the tournament and she will be hoping her celebrations include a win over China.
2 Rosario Luchetti (4 June) from Argentina will be able to relax as her team has two rest days coinciding with her birthday. Las Leonas will have played Pan American rivals, USA, the previous day. 
1 One player who will be throwing all caution to the wind if his birthday coincides with a victory is Jacob Whetton. His birthday falls on the final day of the tournament, and you can bet that there will be wild celebrations if the Kookaburras deliver Jacob a gold medal as a birthday gift.