Argentina 1 drew Belgium 1
Goals: ARG - Marco Riccardi PC 11m; BEL - Máxime Luycx PC 31m

Belgium surprised the men's Argentine team on Thursday by denying them a home victory on the second day of the Four-Team Tournament at the Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

With this result, Argentina lead the standings with four points, followed by Chile and France with three and Belgium with a single point.

The first half was even with Belgium playing a three-man back row and crowding the midfield to cut Argentina's circulation.

However, the hosts opened the scoring from a set play, a penalty corner, powerfully executed by Marco Riccardi in the 11th minute.

From then on Argentina, exerting a slight dominance, and were close to increasing the gap when a dragged push by Rodrigo Vila went just wide, in the 27th minute.

But four minutes later, Belgium showed they were not simply intent on defending their goal when Maxime Luycx equalized from a penalty corner.

Everybody probably expected that Argentina would improve after half-time, as happened on Wednesday against Chile, but their performance was disappointing.

Belgium again crowded a key zone for Argentina, this time the section between the centre and 25-metre lines, along with tight marking. The home team attacked repeatedly, while Belgium's defence and goalie Cedrid Degreve sparkled.

Argentina produced some good scoring chances, as in the 47th minute, when a solo play by Matías Paredes produced a stylish save by the Belgian keeper.

Three minutes later, Degreve shone again after two powerful hits from Matías Vila. But the clearest chance came in the 61st minute, from a penalty corner by Jorge Lombi which was first saved by a defender before hitting the right post.

Despite their efforts the Argentines only could rescue a point against a brave Belgian team.

Argentina will play France on Saturday.

Chile 3 defeated France 2
Goals: CHI - Pablo Kühlenthal FG 40m, Felipe Montegú PC 65m, Alan Stein FG 67m

Chile came from behind to take a valuable 3-2 victory in the first match of the day.

In a boring, tough and overcarded match (four yellow and three green cards), the Chileans finally found their way to net the winner just three minutes from the final whistle.

The first half was even with France showing slight superiority.

The European took a 1-0 lead, two minutes after the restart, through Antoine Gouefard Comte, but three minutes later the South Americans equalized through Pablo Kühlenthal.

France gained the lead again, in the 56th minute, from a penalty corner converted by Frederic Soyez.

The Chileans made a last effort to equalize in the final 10 minutes, in the 65th, by captain Felipe Montegú from a penalty corner and, two minutes later, evergreen Alan Stein scored the winner from a reverse touch as he was falling.

Chile will clash against Belgium tomorrow.