The International Hockey Federation has continued to capitalise on opportunities to spread knowledge of the FIH coaching system by holding a coaching course in Chennai.

Held in conjunction with the Sahara Hockey Champions Trophy in Chennai, the course was conducted from 7-13 December and was away to share modern scientific techniques and clinical methods between the participants and guest presenters.

The significance of the course can be gauged by the high attendance of 32 coaches from 20 countries with representation from all five continents, an indication that the FIH uniform modern coaching system was well on track towards globalization .

The Special Coaching Course adequately addressed and covered the topics relating to Development and High Performance. The analysis and post-mortem of the Chennai Champions Trophy matches, by the participants, were the important features and parts of this Special Course.

The FIH Coaching Manager and FIH Master Coach, Tayyab Ikram was the Head Conductor of this Special Course while Herman Kruis from the Netherlands was the other renowned Course Conductor.

The highly regarded and respected  coaches like Maurits Hendriks (NED) presently associated with Spanish Hockey team, Bernhard Peters, coach of German Hockey team, Barry Dancer , coach of Australian team and Tahir Zaman former Pakistan captain and coach, gave their presentations as guest speakers.

FIH President Els van Breda Vriesman was guest of honor at the concluding session of the course and said that the FIH Coaching System, while greatly contributing towards coaching development, was also providing the best platform for coaches to update their knowledge of the rapidly changing recent modern development of the game and coaching techniques.

Theo Ykema, the Chairman of the FIH Development and Coaching Committee, (DCC) rated the course as a huge success. He offered special thanks to the Indian Hockey Confederation for providing the hospitality, cooperation and facilities for running the course in a smooth and effective manner.

Most of the great coaches presently attached with major hockey nations have been associated with and have gone through the FIH modern coaching system. This highlights the importance of this system.