FIH has agreed to a combined request from Doordarshan and the Indian Hockey Confederation of a late reschedule of the Sahara Hockey Champions Trophy starting in Chennai this Saturday.

India’s national TV station, Doordarshan, has requested that the India matches be rescheduled to 18:30 local time in order to screen the games live on its nationwide terrestrial channel. Delayed highlights of other nations matches will also be screened the following morning on its satellite channel, DD Sports.

In order to keep the match programme as equitable as possible and to guarantee all teams the required amount of rest between matches, FIH has been required to completely reschedule all matches, details below. Though some of the teams will now be required to play a greater number of matches earlier in the day, normal weather conditions in Chennai at this time of year provide relatively little difference in temperature and humidity between the match times.

“While we regret that this reschedule has been required so late, hockey needs as wide an exposure as possible in its major territories to maintain its status as a major sport,” FIH Honorary Secretary General Peter Cohen said.

“With Doordarshan’s terrestrial and satellite exposure in extension to the coverage of all matches already scheduled live on Ten Sports and also the growing bouquet of FIH’s overseas client broadcasters, the event will return the highest exposure ever of any major FIH event.

“I thank the participating teams as well as our overseas client broadcasters for their understanding and flexibility regarding this matter."