The volunteers in Valencia pose in front of one of the many World League banners
The volunteers in Valencia pose in front of one of the many World League banners

The FIH awards a prize of 1,000 USD to host nation’s for their marketing efforts in the earlier rounds of the Hockey World League. For the recently concluded Round 2 events, three nations stood out for their outstanding marketing efforts. Spain won the 1,000 dollar prize for their strong efforts on the marketing front, while France and Russia each received a 500 dollar runner-up prize for their efforts.

Spain earned the top prize thanks to their multi-faceted approach to marketing the World League. Their in-stadium branding was top-notch, while they also had a strong promotional campaign in the city with having individuals in traditional clothing demonstrating hockey. Spain also provided quality live web streaming, had a wide array of sponsors and recruited more than 100 volunteers to help with the event.

France had great incorporation of the event in the city of St-Germain-en-Laye with more than 20 high flying flags all over the area. The organizing committee also set up a beach hockey area, which proved to be a major hit with children visiting the event. The French also had a strong social media presence, which was bolstered by great photos.

The last World League round 2 event was also one of the strongest for marketing efforts. In Elektrostal, Russia, the organizers had excellent branding at the event and had a very professional program. They also provided quality web streaming and had a solid Facebook presence.

Congratulations to the three nations on their outstanding contribution to the Hockey World League Round 2 tournaments!