(Photo: FIH)

The FIH today published for all National Associations the Event Assignment Process Document for the 2014-2018 cycle.  This details the bidding process for all unallocated FIH events during this period. 

This approach has been established to maximise the benefit for the FIH, Continental Federations and NAs. The aim is to confirm dates for all events as far in advance as possible to assist the planning of domestic and continental events as well as aid team preparation.

It also gives maximum opportunity to future hosts to secure private and public funding and enlist local support. This process will also ensure that the hosts for the Hockey World Cups in 2018 will be announced five years in advance of the event and will enable the 2018 hosts to be present at the 2014 event in The Hague (Netherlands).

“It is crucial for international hockey to get events assigned on a cycle to allow hosts and participating teams ample time to prepare for major FIH events,” said FIh CEO Kelly Fairweather. “It also adds an element of stability to the international calendar. This document is a critical first step in that process.”

The Event Assignment Document serves as a guide for National Associations who have aspirations to bid for FIH events and provides further details on the bidding process, a summary of obligations and rights,  an applicant questionnaire for the Hockey World Cups 2018 and an expressions of interest form for all other events. It also states the deadlines that National Associations need to meet throughout the various stages of the bidding process.

The events available for allocation in the upcoming cycle include: the Hockey World Cups (men and women) 2018, various Hockey World League events for 2014/2015 and 2016/2017, the Hockey Junior World Cups 2017 and other unallocated events.


Those National Associations interested in receiving a copy of the Event Assignment Process Document should access their FIH Workroom account or refer the the email that was sent to all National Associations earlier.