The FIH is pleased to present an innovative newsletter feature on its official website. Now hockey fans can have all of the latest news, scores, standings and features delivered directly to their inbox.

By clicking here or on the icon on the right hand side of the, fans can choose how often they would like to receive updates from the FIH website. There is also the ability to sign up to follow events. For example, individuals interested in the upcoming Olympic Games can sign up to receive a daily or hourly recap of all the action in London.

The daily newsletters will be sent out at 00:00 GMT and the hourly newsletters will be sent whenever there is an update to the FIH website.

There is no username or password required, simply enter your email address and you will receive the newsletter. Individuals may change their preferences or opt out at any time by simply returning to the subscribe page on the FIH website. The FIH will not share any information with third parties.