If I were tweeting this December here are some I’d send out:

TO FIFA:  If you can afford the technology and can use it cost-effectively to arrive at the correct sporting decisions – why not use it?

TO UEFA:  How is it possible to have 1 referee and 5 assistants and still get on-field decisions wrong?

TO THE IRB:  Why do you have rules in your sport that are so complicated that your referees get confused by interpretations and during play  also have to tell the players what not to do?

TO WADA:  Isn’t it sad that so much money is spent stopping cheating in sport when it could be spent on sports development?

TO THE ICC:  Is the commercial power of Indian cricket and the IPL negatively tipping the balance of cricket?  Will players turn their backs on international matches for dollars in the IPL?

TO THE ORACLE OF DELPHI:  Why do sports administrators in many sports assume they know what’s best for the players/athletes?

TO THE SPHINX OF GIZA:  How can you tell when a sports administrator forgets that the idea is to add value and develop the sport for the players and spectators - not for other reasons?

Have a wonderful Festive Season and let’s hope 2012 is a great sporting year!

The views in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the FIH.