(Photo: FIH)
AMSTERDAM – The final day schedule at the Rabo FIH Champions Trophy has been changed following a protest and successful appeal by the Women’s National Team of Argentina.

At issue were the final standings in Pool C at the Rabo Champions Trophy based on wording in the FIH Tournament Regulations. Under appeal it was determined that Argentina should be ranked second in Pool C and Korea should be ranked third.

The change in ranking means that the gold medal game will feature Netherlands against Argentina, while the bronze medal game will feature Korea against New Zealand.

The Tournament Director denied the initial protest by Argentina, which led to an appeal by Argentina and a Jury of Appeal being assembled.

At issue was section 3.6 of the Champions Trophy regulations which states:

Teams will be ranked according to the number of points each has accumulated in the competition both in the Preliminary Round Pools (see Clause 2.1 of this Appendix) and Pools C & D. If there is equality between two or more teams, then the teams involved will be ranked according to Clause 2.2 of this Appendix on the basis of the total points for all matches played in the tournament.

The decision of both the Tournament Director and the Jury of Appeal can be found by clicking here.