The ESB Electric Ireland Irish Hockey Awards took place in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin. The evening was attended by many who support Irish Hockey including Liam Molloy, General Manager of ESB Electric Ireland, Darragh Maloney (MC), guest speakers Brain Kerr and Tommy Bowe, and representatives from a number of sporting bodies including the Sports Council of Northern Ireland and the Olympic Council of Ireland.

Many clubs and hockey supporters joined us tonight to celebrate outstanding talent which was displayed throughout the season.

The Award Shortlists and Winners are highlighted below:

Samurai Senior Men’s Club Player of the Year
Shortlist: Mark Black (Cork Harlequins HC), Fran Lee (Monkstown HC), Shane O'Donoghue (Glenanne HC), Mark Raphael (Lisnagarvey HC).
Winner: Mark Raphael

ESB Electric Ireland Senior Women’s Club Player of the Year
Shortlist: Elaine Bromell (Catholic Institute HC), Aisling Campion (Loreto HC), Kate Dillon (Railway Union HC), Emma Stewart (Armagh LHC).
Winner: Katie Dillon

Local Lotto Volunteer of the Year
Shortlist: Alice Garrad (Ulster Elks), Helen Johnston (Railway Union LHC), Cliona Kennedy (Greenfields HC), Geraldine O'Carroll (Catholic Institute HC)
Winner: Helen Johnston

Dixon Rose Umpire of the Year
Shortlist: Malcolm Coombes, Fiona Davitt, Davy Foster, Carol Metchette.
Winner: Davy Foster

Samurai U18 Male Player of the Year
Shortlist: Mathew Allister (Annadale HC and Sullivan), David Cole (Monkstown HC and St. Andrews), Shane O'Donoghue (Glenanne HC and The High School), Ian Sloan (Cookstown HC and Cookstown High).
Winner: Ian Sloan

ESB Electric Ireland U18 Female Player of the Year
Shortlist: Leah Ewart (Armagh LHC and The Royal School Armagh), Katie Mullan (Ballymoney HC and Dalriada), Gillian Pinder (Hermes HC and St. Andrews), Roisín Upton (Catholic Institute and Crescent Comprehensive).
Winner: Roisín Upton

O’Driscoll O’Neil Coach of the Year
Shortlist: Mary Logue (Hermes HC), Mick McKinnon (Railway Union HC) Michelle Rainey (Pegasus HC), Graham Shaw (Glenanne & Loreto HC).
Winner: Michelle Rainey

O’Driscoll O’Neil U18 Coach of the Year
Shortlist: Alison McNeill, Catherine Moore (Greenfields HC), Mona Sexton (Fermoy), Miles Warren (Alexandra College/Irish U-16 Boys)
Winner: Alison McNeill

ESB Electric Ireland Club of the Year
Shortlist: Catholic Institute HC, Lisnagarvey HC, Monkstown HC, Railway LHC.
Winner: Lisnagarvey Hockey Club

ESB Electric Ireland Youth Club of the Year
Shortlist: Greenfields HC, Lisnagarvey HC, Monkstown HC, Pembroke Wanderers HC.
Winner: Monkstown Hockey Club

Orchard Print Developing Club of the Year
Shortlist: Diocesan HC, Newbridge HC, North Kildare HC, Portrane HC.
Winner: Newbridge Hockey Club

School of the Year
Shortlist: Banbridge Academy, Crescent College, Lurgan College, Alexandra College.
Winner: Lurgan College

Presidents Award
Peter Jackson

Samurai Players Player of the Year
David Ames

ESB Electric Ireland Players Player of the Year
Emma Smyth

Source: Ireland Hockey Media Release