The International Hockey Federation has today unveiled its new branding and tagline on, the official website of the FIH.

The new branding introduces the tagline “FairPlay Friendship Forever”, which has been created to clearly and simply communicate the core values of hockey whilst also strengthening the FIH brand in an increasingly competitive market.

The move to promote and strengthen the FIH brand is firmly in line with the FIH Strategic Plan 2010-2016, which established five priorities to continue raising the profile of hockey whilst also encouraging further growth of the sport on a global level. The new branding will be applied widely and consistently throughout FIH events and promotional tools such as the website.

The repositioning and promoting of the brand also aims to secure it against ever-increasing competition. The FIH believes that clear and consistent branding will reinforce hockey’s unique positioning in the world of sport. This in turn will help us hit the targets that we have set for ourselves in the FIH Strategic Plan 2010-2016, which aims to significantly increase the current revenues.

From the middle of 2011, the FIH will introduce new design event logos. These will be strong, colourful, simple, consistent, and recognizable, further reinforcing the FIH brand by establishing consistent and recognizable event identities.

“Our branding initiative is an important step for FIH in the implementation of our Strategic Plan. The clear and consistent positioning of our brand is vital for the strategic goal of raising the profile of FIH and hockey worldwide.“ said Kelly Fairweather, Chief Executive Officer of the International Hockey Federation. "We also feel this is an important step to increase the quality of the presentation and promotion of our events and sport, which will help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition better and attract spectators, media interest and last but not least, sponsors”.

Note: From 1 December 2010, the official website of the International Hockey Federation is, replacing the old address. Although this will continue to work for a short period during this transitional phase, we strongly recommend that you update your records as the FIH no longer supports the use of the WorldHockey brand.