The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has appointed three New Zealand Hockey officials to various committees driven to develop and promote the sport of hockey internationally.

Former Chief Executive of Hockey New Zealand, Ramesh Patel and more recently Hockey New Zealand’s Hockey Director, has been appointed as a member of the Rules Committee (hitherto the Hockey Rules Board). The duration of Patel’s appointment will be until the end of 2012. The Rules Committee is responsible for rule changes and the application and piloting of experimental rules.

Former Hockey Coach and High Performance Manager at Hockey New Zealand, Keith Gorringe, has been appointed as a member of the Competitions Committee. The Competitions Committee is responsible for setting the FIH international hockey calendar, setting the eligibility for those countries that can compete in the top tournaments, as well as setting the qualifying standards for those countries to gain entry.

Recently retired international umpire, Jason McCracken, has been appointed as a member of the Umpiring Committee. McCracken has umpired at two Olympic Games (Sydney and Athens) and was appointed as Tournament Director to the 2010 Men’s Champions Trophy. The Umpiring Committee is responsible for the nominations proposals to the FIH Appointments Committee for all umpire appointments to FIH tournaments. They provide the training, courses and seminars associated with umpire development, as well as the assessment and performance reporting of umpires to ensure their development through the international umpire pathways.

Source Material: Hockey New Zealand Media Release