There was a goal glut on day II in the Asian Games hockey competition with as many as 32 goals surfacing from three matches, writes tournament Media Officer Subramaniam Thyagarajan. China had the best tally of 13 goals against nil with Thailand. China is the defending champion.

Former champion Korea pulled off a sensational 10-3 victory over Kazakhstan The winner led 4-1 at half-time.

Korea did face some resistance from the rival squad which leveled the score at 1-1 shortly after the break.

But Lee Seon Ok changed the course of the match with a solid display in the conversion of the penalty corners netting six goals.

The margin might give the impression that the Kazakhis were outplayed; but that was not so. They had moments to relish when Anasstasia  Chesherbakova scored one peach of a goal and added more. Before close, Kazakhstan netted one more through Yuliya Mukheichik who took advantage of the pass from Anasstasia.

Malaysia almost stunned Japan for a draw after coming back from a 0-2 deficit to level seven minutes before full time. Japan dominated the proceedings for the major part and netted two goals through Kaori Chiba from a penalty corner and Ali Murkami from a stroke.

Malaysia enjoyed a slice of luck when Ai Murkami’s strike hit the cross piece. A neat run by Rashid Nuraini broke open the Japan’s defensive wall. For a spell, the Malaysians attacked with vigour. Noor Azizia scored a lovely goal with a reverse flick, and within minutes Norfaraha Hashimi produced the equalizer.

A penalty corner deflection by Kaori Chiba and a late goal by Miyuki Nakagawa gave Japan full points.

The results: women:

Korea 10 (Lee Seon Ok 6, Bo Mi Kim, Park Mihyun 2, Kim Jongeun) beat Kazakhstan 3 (Anassthasiya Chsherbakova 2,Yuliya Mukheichik) HT 4-1

Japan 4 (Kaori Chiba 2, Ai Murakami, Miyuki Nakagawa beat Malaysia 2 (Noor Azizia, Norfaraha Hashimi) 0 HT-2-0

China 13 ( Ma Yibo 4, Zhao Yudiao 2, Song Qingling 2,Gao lihua, Wang  Zhiaduang, Di Li, Xu Xiaoxg, Su Sinan) beat Thailand 0 HT 8-0.

Monday’s matches: Men: India v Hong Kong China; Malaysia v Singapore: Japan v Bangladesh; China v Oman.