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Ireland and South Africa are still on zero points and will play Tuesday’s 5th place playoff. Argentina drew 2-2 with Netherlands on Friday in Singapore while Korea defeated Ireland 3-2 and New Zealand beat South Africa 4-0.
On Boys’ day three Pakistan and Australia secured a spot in medal match as they cannot finish worse than 4th anymore. Australia wrestled down Belgium 6-3, Singapore went 1-4 down to Pakistan and Ghana celebrated their first victory over Chile 4-3.

While the girls have a rest day tomorrow, Ghana take on Belgium, Singapore face Chile and the two undefeated teams from Pakistan and Australia play each other in the boys’ tournament.

Third victory secures Pakistan’s spot in one of Wednesday’s medal matches
Pakistan’s boys beat hosts Singapore 4-1 on Friday and celebrated their third victory in a row. The undefeated teams from Pakistan and Australia are already qualified for one of the medal matches as they cannot finish the round-robin worse than 4th anymore.

Singapore was actually the better team in the first half. The hosts who were pushed forward by a phenomenal crowd created a many opportunities but failed to score. The spectators saw a very interesting encounter with many circle penetrations. Team Pakistan showed beautiful counter-attacks but was unable to push the ball over the goal-line either. When Singapore took their first lead in the Youth Olympic Games the crowd freaked out completely. Silas Abdul Razak NOOR SHAH and Mohd Haseef SALIM linked well at a penalty corner and deserved the 1-0 lead.

Now Pakistan, leading the table, became stronger and played more physically. Their new style of playing worked out well as they won several penalty corners. One of them was saved by a Singaporean defender’s foot on the goal-line, the umpires awarded a penalty stroke. Ahmed ZUBAIR flicked in the ball without any problems.
The physical attacks increased in the second half. Singapore looked a bit tired which made it easier for Pakistan to run strong attacks. Pakistan extended their lead in the second half to 4-1 and the hosts could not fight back anymore.

Singapore v Pakistan 1-4 (1-1)
1-0 26' Mohd Haseef SALIM (PC)
1-1 32' Ahmed ZUBAIR (PS)
1-2 40' Muhammad Arslan QADIR (FG)
1-3 49' Muhammad SULEMAN (FG)
1-4 63' Muhammad RIZWAN (FG)

Last minute goal against Argentina keeps the Dutch girls on medal course
The Netherlands tied the score to 2-2 in the last minute. Roos BROEK scored the equaliser 40 seconds before the final.

The last girl’s game on Friday was contested between Argentina and Netherlands, on a rainy night. Both teams were undefeated with nine points each and competing to secure their place in the Gold Medal match on Tuesday.
Within the first minute Argentina made their bid for victory, with the opening goal scored by Eugenia GARRAFO. The remainder of the first half was end to end with multiple shots at goal and several penalty corners. Both teams also had a player suspended for separate green card offences.

In the second half Argentina stretched their lead to 2-0 through a long ball picked up by lone attacker Agustina ALVAREZ, who dodged the goalkeeper to score. However the Netherlands quickly responded to close the score to 2-1 from Lara DELL’ANNA. This looked to be the final result until the last minute of the match when Netherlands levelled the score to 2-2, setting up the New Zealand v Argentina match on Sunday 22 August to decide who will join probably the Netherlands in the Gold Medal match.

Argentina v Netherlands 2-2 (1-0)
1-0 1' Eugenia GARRAFO (FG)
2-0 55' Agustina ALVAREZ (FG)
2-1 57' Lara DELL'ANNA (FG)
2-2 70' Roes BROEK (FG)

Ghana’s boys take first victory against Chile
Ghana won their first points in the Youth Olympic Games after defeating Chile 4-3 who stay on zero points. With three points in the back and two remaining matches Ghana keep chances on a medal match.  

Ghana and Chile started off with two defeats and wanted to take their first victory home today. The boys from Ghana were the better side in the first half linking quickly and creating several opportunities. Although Ghana, still playing without the suspended Ernest OPOKU, had many chances it took some time until they put their dominance on the score board. Matthew DAMALIE opened the scoring in the 14th minute. The lead was doubled in the middle of the second half when Fredrick DARKO finished an attack out of open play. Vicente MARTIN cut the lead in half immediately afterwards when he picked up the ball in the circle and shot without hesitating. Ghana won a row of penalty corner with the halftime whistle. The fourth finally led to the 1-4, a direct shot from team-captain Alfred NTIAMOAH went into the bottom of the goal.

Chile’s boys got stronger in the second half and scored two more goals. The South Americans wanted the equaliser but their effort did not succeed. Chile pressed Ghana deep into their half towards the end of the match. Counter-attacking Samuel AFARI had the opportunity to extend the lead to 5-3 in the last minute but his one-on-one was saved by Chile’s goalkeeper Felix SCHIEGG.

Chile v Ghana 3-4 (1-4)
0-1 14' Matthew DAMALIE (FG)
0-2 21' Fredrick DARKO (FG)
1-2 22' Vicente MARTIN (FG)
1-3 24' Abdul Rahman ANUM (FG)
1-4 35+' Alfred NTIAMOAH (PC)
2-4 48’ Alan HAMILTON
3-4 63' Juan Pablo PURCELL (PC)

New Zealand went to nine points after beating South Africa who suffered their fourth defeat in this competition
Netherlands, Argentina, New Zealand and Korea are already qualified for Tuesday’s medal matches as Ireland and South Africa cannot overtake them anymore.

The second game of the day between South Africa and New Zealand started as an evenly contested game with both teams making strong attacking moves. As the half progressed New Zealand began to take control, building up play from the midfield and attacking quickly.  Phumelela MBANDE, goal keeper for South Africa, consistently repelled New Zealand’s shots on goal, making many fantastic saves. 
Rhiannon DENNISON of New Zealand opened the scoring with a brilliant break from the midfield and firing a shot past the keeper. New Zealand continued to attack late in the second half, earning a number of penalty corners. Michaela CURTIS converted two penalty corners in quick concession to take New Zealand into half time with a
3-0 lead.

Into the second half and New Zealand continued the same way that they had ended the first, a strong run up the right saw the ball crossed into the middle with a calm finish from Rhiannon DENNISON to make it 4-0. New Zealand continued to dominate proceedings with numerous penalty corners and shots on targets but found Phumelela MBANDE impossible to beat. South Africa were restricted to a couple of counter attacks but these led to nothing as the New Zealand defence remained firm. As the rain came down the game became slightly scrappy in the last 10 minutes with New Zealand coming out deserved winners. The win retains New Zealand’s chances of the Gold Medal match with the pool match against Argentina to decide whether it is the Gold Medal or Bronze Medal match that New Zealand will contest on Finals Day.

South Africa v New Zealand 0-4 (0-3)
0-1 17' Rhiannon DENNISON (FG)
0-2 23' Michaela CURTIS (PC)
0-3 25' Michaela CURTIS (PC)
0-4 37' Rhiannon DENNISON (FG)

Irish girls go down 2-3 to Korea and play for the 5th place on Wednesday
Korea’s second victory brings them up on six points now. If New Zealand beat South Africa later today, Korea will be definitely qualified for one of Tuesday’s medal matches.

Ireland needed a victory against Korea to keep chances for a participation in the Bronze Medal Match. The European girls started off with a lot of enthusiasm and created good opportunities at the beginning of the match. However Korea took the lead when LEE Yuri’s penalty corner went into the bottom left corner. The Irish girls were not impressed and Chloe BROWN replied straight away. Soon after Kathryn MULLAN’s attempt hit the post but the rebound was successfully converted by Joanne ORR making Ireland leading the first time in this tournament. Korea reacted by replacing goalkeeper HONG Mira by OH Yeseul. The Asian girls equalised just before halftime when LEE Yuri scored her second penalty corner goal. During halftime the Korean reserve players and the two goalkeepers remained on the pitch and hit some balls.

The crowd did not see many chances in the second half. Team Korea was close to scoring at the end of the match when they won six penalty corners in the last five minutes. After five failed the sixth was successful. One of the Irish runners blocked the first shot but KIM Sol took a second attempt and scored the game winning goal. Ireland are still on zero points and play off in the 5th place playoff on Tuesday.

Korea v Ireland 3-2 (2-2)
1-0 10' LEE Yuri (PC)
1-1 11' Chloe BROWN (FG)
1-2 16' Joanne ORR (FG)
2-2 30’ LEE Yuri (FG)
3-2 69’ KIM Sol (PC)

Australia boys beat Belgium 6-3 in thrilling third day match
The victory brought Australia a spot in one of Wednesday's medal matches as they cannot finish the round-robin worse than 4th anymore.

The first game on the third day of the boy’s competition got off to a competitive start with Australia playing Belgium. Both teams were undefeated before the game, on six points each, promising a close and skilful match to entertain the many spectators. 
A free flowing, high paced game resulted in the Belgium goalkeeper Arnaud FLAMAND saving nine shots and three penalty corners in the first 10 minutes. After such pressure the deadlock was broken early on by Australia who scored the first goal in the 12th minute. The quick breakaway by the Australian defence lead to a save from the Belgium goalkeeper with the rebound buried in the back of the net by Rory MIDDLETON. However, Belgium were quick to respond and a short corner in the 16th minute resulted in a drag flick, close to the ground, hitting the left post, rebounding off the goalkeeper and into the goal to bring the score to one goal apiece.

12 minutes later Belgium took the lead through another penalty corner with a drag flick in the bottom left corner. However, Australia kept on the pressure to equalise, scored by Jeremy HAYWARD, through a well worked, intricate penalty corner. This was quickly followed by a green card for Australia, resulting in a two minute suspension leading up to half term.

In the second half the crowd had a short wait until Belgium scored their third goal to retake the lead, at another penalty corner. This was quickly followed by Australia’s second green card. With 13 minutes left in the game, Australia pulled level with a third goal. Within two minutes of the equaliser, both a Belgium player and an Australian were given yellow cards for separate incidents. With both teams down to 10 players, Australia took the lead with a field goal to lead 4-3 with under 11 minutes remaining in the game. This momentum lead to two further goals for Australia, resulting in a 6-3 lead with three minutes remaining on the clock.

Australia v Belgium 6-3 (2-2)
1-0 12' Rory MIDDLETON (FG)
1-1 16' Alexander HENDRICKX (PC)
1-2 25' Benjamin van DAM (PC)
2-2 28' Jeremy HAYWARD (PC)
2-3 44' Alexander HENDRICKX (PC)
3-3 58' Luke NOBLETT (FG)
4-3 60' Jordan WILLOTT (FG)
5-3 63' Daniel BEALE (FG)
6-3 67' Luke NOBLETT (FG)

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