(Photo: © FIH)

Germany won the „Hamburg Masters“ 4-Nations-Tournament after a great 5-1 victory against the Netherlands. The Olympic Champions turned first with three victories, Japan are second, the Netherlands third and India fourth.

Individual Awards:
Best player: Maximilian MÜLLER (GER)
Best goalkeeper: Katsuya TAKASE (JPN)
Top scorer: Christopher ZELLER (GER)
Most promising player: Florian FUCHS (GER)

NED v GER 1-5 (0-3)
Germany had their best game in this competition against the Netherlands. Pushed forward by a phenomenal crowd Germany were 4-0 in front after 61 minutes of play. The Netherlands had to work hard to score at least one goal. Tim Jenniskens was the only one who was able to defeat the well-performing goalkeeper Nicolas Jacobi, his great deflection left him no chances. 42 seconds before the final whistle German youngster Florian Fuchs made his second goal today.
With three victories Germany turned “Hamburg Masters” Champion for the 11th time. Defeated by Japan and Germany, the young Dutch team finished third.

0-1 (14’) Florian FUCHS (FG)
0-2 (19’) Moritz FÜRSTE (PC)
0-3 (20’) Christopher ZELLER (FG)
0-4 (61’) Moritz FÜRSTE (PS)
1-4 (66’) Tim JENNISKENS (FG)
1-5 (70’) Florian FUCHS (FG)

IND v JPN 4-4 (2-1)
Japan were the surprise in this competition. After a great victory over the Netherlands they had some trouble to find their way into this game. India dominated at the beginning and were 2-0 in front. Japan fought hard to come back into this game and equalised in the 49th minute. Now India played stronger again and gained a 4-2 lead. But Japan did not give up: Katsuyoshi Nagasawa converted a penalty corner in the 55th minute and brought hopes back to his team. Japan put India under pressure during the last five minutes of play and succeeded: Captain Kazuhiro Tsubouchi wanted to pass to a team-mate but an Indian player deflected the ball unlucky in his own goal.
With four points in total Japan turned second, India became last with one point.

1-0 (6’) Mohhamed Amir KHAN (FG)
2-0 (15’) Danish MUJTABA (FG)
2-1 (23’) Hiroki SAKAMOTO (PC)
2-2 (49’) Kazuhiro TSUBOUCHI (PC)
3-2 (55’) Sandeep SINGH (PC)
4-2 (56’) BHARAT (FG)
4-3 (65’) Katsuyoshi NAGASAWA (PC)
4-4 (70’) Kazuhiro TSUBOUCHI (FG)