By Graciela H. Ortiz
PAHF Media Officer

Argentina 17 defeated Jamaica 1
Goals: Argentina - Facundo Callioni 8m 11m 55m, Pedro Ibarra 14m 27m 29m, Juan Saladino 31m 35m 42m, Tomás Argento 9m 48m, Lucas Vila 20m 63m, Lucas Rossi 56m, Manuel Brunet 66m; Jamaica - Jerome Davis 25m

Argentina started the defence of their title by demolishing Jamaica 17-1 at the 8th Men's Pan American Junior Championship in Havana, Cuba, as all teams chase one of the three qualifying spots for the Junior World Cup in July this year.

Three hat-tricks by Facundo Callioni - in the eighth, 11th and 55th minutes; Pedro Ibarra (14th, 27th and 29th); Juan Saladino (in the 31st, 35th and 42nd minutes); two goals from Tomás Argento (in the ninth and 48th minutes); two by Lucas Vila (20th and 63rd) and Lucas Rossi, in the 56th minute, and Manuel Brunet, four minutes before the final, netted the others for the Argentine unquestionable victory at the Antonio Maceo Stadium in Santiago de Las Vegas, 25 kilometres south from Havana.

Jaimaca displayed a defensive scheme from the very beginning, placing four midfielders aided by a forward who joined them in an attempt to stop Argentina's attacks.

The Caribbean team could control their rivals in the first minutes, but when the South Americans opened the score - eight minutes from the start - it was difficult to stop them and the goals were scored almost without interuption.

However, Jamaica surprised the Argentines netting through the only penalty corner they produced in the whole match against 19 of Argentina. Then, in the 25th minute, Jerome Davis scored from a powerful corner shot.

Argentina showed efficiency in the penalty corners scoring four from this play as the drag shot from midfielder Ibarra was lethal.

The South Americans also were effective in their advances, specially through Callioni-Tomás Argento combinations which were a real nightmare for Jamaica.

Jamaica increased their retreament system after half-time, leaving only one forward in the front line.

Though Jamaica's goalie Donovan Shakespeare sparkled in the second half, Argentina netted the 11-1, just seven minutes from the re-start, continuing scoring until the 17-1 final result.

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