(Photo: © FIH)

Japan impressed on the second day of the BDO World Cup Qualifier in Kazan, Russia Japan celebrated an impressive 10-2 victory over Belarus and stay leaders in the pool. The match of the day between Russia and Azerbaijan ended in a draw. After yesterday’s defeat Italy beat Wales 2-1.

Russia v Azerbaijan (0-2)
The Russian crowd was not that big as yesterday. Nevertheless the spectators tried their best to push the hosts forward. But the Russian team seemed to be a bit tired and was not able to show the performance they showed yesterday when they beat Italy. Zhun Mammadova’s (17’/20’) field goal and converted penalty corner brought Azerbaijan 2-0 in front at halftime. In the second half the hosts played stronger and attacked harder. They were struggling to break through the well-structured defence of Azerbaijan. Russia had two dangerous counter-attacks but missed the goal twice by centimetres. 12 minutes before the final whistle Kristina Shumilina scored her third goal in this competition and the match got more interesting again. The crowd cheered louder and Azerbaijan needed to defend their goal. Shumilina missed a great opportunity in the 61st minute when her backhand stroke went over the crossbar. In the 68th minute Olesya Petrova equalised out of the blue. In the last minute the Russian captain Elena Polokova missed the game winning goal. She won possession, ran a nice solo but finally mishit.

0-1   17’ Zhun MAMMADOVA (PC)
0-2 20’ Zhun MAMMADOVA (PC)
1-2 58’ Kristina SHUMILINA (FG)
2-2 68’ Olesya PETROVA (FG)


Italy v Wales 2-1 (1-1)
After Italy lost against Russia yesterday, they really needed to beat Wales today to play an important role in this tournament. The Italian team started very nervous into the game while Wales began very organised and well-structured. They deserved the 1-0 lead scored by Leah Wilkinson who picked up the ball in the circle and smashed it into the goal (13’). Only four minutes later Italy’s Macarena Ronsisvalli equalised when she managed to get the rebound of a penalty corner into the goal.

Afterwards the spectators did not see a lot of chances; the game took predominantly place in midfield. In minute 49 Francesca Faustini received a pass near the left post, shot immediately and made Italy leading again. Wales tried hard to enter the Italian quarter but the South Europeans got stronger after the 2-1 and started to dominate the game. While Italy created some more opportunities, Wales struggled to enter the Italian circle.
Welsh captain Carys Hopkins played her 50th cap today. 

0-1 13’ Leah WILKINSON (PC)
1-1 17’ Macarena RONSISVALLI (PC)
2-1 49’ Francesca FAUSTINI (FG)

Japan v Belarus (5-1)
Japan took the early lead in minute 7th through Mazuki Arai. Belarus tried to keep up the Japanese speed and equalised after a great solo by Yuliya Mikheichyk. Until the 23rd minute both competed on an equal level with little advantages on the Japanese side. In the last 17 minutes of the first half the Japanese ladies started a real goal festival. Natsumi Tameto (23’/25’), Yukari Yamamoto (27’) and Miyuki Nakagawa (33’) gave Japan a convincing 5-1 half time result at heavy rainfall.

As soon as the second half has started Japan even increased their lead through goals scored by Mazuki Arai (39’), Kaori Chiba (42’) and Kana Nagayama (44’). From now on the Japanese ladies slowed down their pace. Belarus got some chances as well and Yulia Laptsevic (52’) was able to make the 8-2 by converting the second attempt of Belarus’ first penalty corner. After this goal against Japan played more powerful and gained the 9-2 scored by captain Rika Komazowa (58’). Ai Murakami (67’) made the 10-2 after a successful penalty stroke.
Japan proved that they are able to score a lot of field goals but they definitely need to work on their penalty corner performance. None of seven was converted into a goal.

1-0 7’ Mazuki ARAI (FG)
1-1 14’ Yuliya MIKHEICHYK (FG)
2-1 23’ Natsumi TAMETO (FG)
3-1 25’ Yukari YAMAMOTO (FG)
4-1 27’ Natsumi TAMETO (FG)
5-1 33’ Miyuki NAKAGAWA (FG)
6-1 39’ Mazuki ARAI (FG)
7-1 42’ Kaori CHIBA (FG)
8-1 44’ Kana NAGAYAMA (FG)
8-2 55’ Yulia LAPTSEVICH (PC)
9-2 58’ Rika KOMAZOWA (FG)
10-2 67’ Ai MURAKAMI (PS)