The International Hockey Federation (FIH) is pleased to announce that ASI Eagleturf International Ltd has become an approved manufacturer of synthetic turf for hockey.

Two types of turf have been assessed by an independent FIH accredited laboratory and shown to meet the required performance standards.  Eagleturf Aqua-Stadia LSR has been approved at the highest global level while the sand-dressed product Eagleturf Hybrid-Stadia LSR meets national requirements.  ASI Eagleturf can therefore meet the requirements for all levels of hockey from clubs and schools up to full international level.

‘We are in a unique position at Eagleturf International in that we have four former international hockey players in our design and management team, and with over 20 years experience in the artificial turf industry it’s fair to say we understand the performance requirements of hockey products at the highest level.  Eagleturf is designed by hockey players, for hockey players’, Derek Field of Eagleturf stated.

‘Eagleturf is manufactured to the highest standards exclusively using Thiolon yarns, the world's premier yarn producer. With factories in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa our experienced team of engineers and technicians offer a cost effective solution to world-class facilities.'