The draw for the 5th Women’s Pan American Junior Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 16-27 March, 2005, has been released, with the winner gaining a berth at the Women's Junior World Cup later this year.

The tournament begins on Wednesday, 16 March, with a match between Chile and Jamaica and will conclude with the final on 27 March. The winner of the 12-team tournament qualifies for the 2005 Junior World Cup to be held in Santiago (Chile) in September 2005.

Pool A: Argentina, Chile, Dominican Rep., Jamaica, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago
Pool B: Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, USA

Match Schedule

Preliminary Rounds
Wednesday March 16
8:00 A Chile v Jamaica
10:00 A Mexico v. Dominican Rep.
12:00 A Trinidad & Tobago v Argentina
14:00 B Barbados v Bermuda
17:00 B Uruguay v USA
19:00 B Canada v Puerto Rico

Thursday March 17
8:00 A Dominican Rep. v Trinidad & Tobago
10:00 A Argentina v Chile
12:00 A Jamaica v Mexico
14:00 B USA v Barbados
16:00 B Bermuda v Canada
18:00 B Puerto Rico v Uruguay

Saturday March 19
8:00 B Canada v USA
10:00 B Uruguay v Barbados
12:00 B Bermuda v Puerto Rico
14:00 A Argentina v Dominican Rep.
16:00 A Trinidad & Tobago v Jamaica
18:00 A Mexico v Chile

Sunday March 20
8:00 B Barbados  v Puerto Rico
10:00 B USA v Bermuda
12:00 B Canada v Uruguay
14:00 A Dominican Rep. v Chile
16:00 A Jamaica v Argentina
18:00 A Trinidad & Tobago v Mexico

Tuesday March 22
8:00 A Mexico v Argentina
10:00 B Uruguay v Bermuda
12:00 A Dominican Rep. v Jamaica
14:00 B Puerto Rico v USA
16:00 A Chile v Trinidad & Tobago
18:00 B Barbados v Canada

Classification Matches
Wednesday March 23
13:00 Cross-over 9-12 5A v 6B
15:30 Cross-over 9-12 6A v 5B

Thursday March 24
8:00 Cross-over 5-8 3A v 4B
10:30 Cross-over 5-8 4A v 3B
13:00 Semi-final 1A v 2B
15:30 Semi-final 2A v 1B

Saturday March 26
9:00 11th-12th place
11:30 9th-10th place
14:00 7th-8th place

Sunday March 27
9:00 5th-6th place
11:30 3rd-4th place
14:00 Final

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