(Photo: © FIH / Gordon Morrison)

China created the biggest upset at the Men’s Asia Cup so far by kicking tournament favorite out of the semifinals in Kuantan, Malaysia. The 2-2 draw against China was not enough for India to reach the Final Four.

The task India had to complete against China was clear: India had to win against China to proceed to the semifinal stage of the Men’s Asia Cup. The Indian team started strong, scoring two goals at the end of the first half. Indian star Sandeep Singh converted two penalty corners.

In the second half, China fought back strongly and it’s second goal with just more than ten minutes to play. India had a last chance to win the match, when the Indian team got a penalty corner with 50 seconds on the clock. Sandeep Singh's flick was blocked by the Chinese goal keeper.

China will join Pakistan as semifinalists from Pool B. In Pool A, host Malaysia, Korea and Japan are competing on for the remaining to places in the semifinals.

The winner of the Asia Cup will qualify for the 2010 FIH World Cup.

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Pool B:
China - India 2-2 (0-2)

Final Ranking:
1. Pakistan 2-4 (4-3), China 2-2 (3-3), 3. India 2-1 (4-5)