The England men’s team will play Canada in four Tests between 21-26 May. Three matches will be played at Bisham and the remaining clash at Reading. 

A number of players are either injured or unavailable, providing a number of opportunities for those on the fringe of the national team. 

England Men
Jon Ebsworth (Surbiton) 29 Caps
James Fair (Cannock) 2 Caps
Jimi Lewis (Gross Glottbeker) 64 Caps
Nick Brothers (Schwarzweiss Neuss) 5 Caps
Jon Brown (Reading) 7 Caps
Brett Garrard (Klein Switzerland) 188 Caps
Ali Wilson (Loughborough Students) 10 Caps
Matt Lee (Surbiton) 0 Caps
Peter Riler (Guildford) 0 Caps
Richard Alexander (Old Loughtonians) 9 Caps
Glenn Kirkham (Loughborough Students) 17 Caps
Barry Middleton (Cannock) 79 Caps
Simon Ramsden (Cannock) 0 Caps
Martin Jones (Cannock) 63 Caps
Andrew West (Cannock) 38 Caps
James Stedman (Old Loughtonians) 8 Caps
Rob Moore (Surbiton) 41 Caps
Jonty Clarke (Reading) 23 Caps
Matt Daly (Surbiton) 10 Caps
James Tindall (Old Georgians) 9 Caps
Jerome Goudie (Loughborough Students) 90 Caps

Match Schedule
Saturday 21 May, Bisham, 4.30pm
Monday 23 May, Bisham, 4.30pm
Tuesday 24 May, Reading, 7pm
Wednesday 25 May, Bisham, 4.30pm