The International Hockey Federation (FIH) decided to make some modifications in the match schedule of the Samsung Champions Trophy, currently played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The change in the schedule was necessary to make sure that all matches of the final day, Sunday 9 December 2007, will be played on the main pitch with full television coverage and the use of the video umpire facilities. The FIH President / FIH representative Els van Breda Vriesman and the FIH Tournament Director Bjorn Isberg communicated the schedule changes to the participating teams on Thursday morning. No team made any official protest against the changes.

One of the reasons behind the changes is the qualification process for the 2008 WorldHockey Champions Trophy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Host Netherlands, BDO Champions Challenge winner Argentina and the four best teams of the Samsung Champions Trophy here in Kuala Lumpur will be the participants of the 2008 WorldHockey Champions Trophy. At the moment Netherlands will reach the last four here in Kuala Lumpur, the winner of the match for the fifth position is qualified for the 2008 WorldHockey Champions Trophy as well.

The following matches of the Samsung Champions Trophy will be rescheduled:

  1. Match 27 - Saturday 8 December 2007
    Great Britain – Korea (pitch 2)
    New time will be 16:35 (instead of 18:35)
  2. Match 29 - Sunday 9 December 2007
    7th – 8th (Pitch 1)
    New time will be 12:35 (instead of 15:05)
  3. Match 31 -s Sunday 9 December 2007
    5th – 6th
    This match will be moved to pitch 1 (instead of pitch 2)
    New time will be 15:05 (instead of 18:05)

All other matches will remain the same.

The revised match schedule is now the following (changed matches in bold):

Saturday 8 December 2007

16:05                1          Malaysia – Spain
16:35                2          Great Britain – Korea
18:05                1          Pakistan – Netherlands
20:05                1          Australia – Germany

Sunday 9 December 2007

12:35                1          7th – 8th
15:05                1          5th – 6th
17:35                1          3rd – 4th
20:05                1          1st – 2nd