Scotland coach Keith Joss announced the women’s squad to face Ireland in a test series 23-25 November at the free Forthbank pitch opening, hosted by Active Stirling.

Talking about this test series, coach Joss commented: "We ultimately want to win more matches than we lose. This will be a chance for us to bring in some new players and see what they can add but also to try some different combinations."

Forward Alisa Robertson is getting a double dose of benefits from the new pitch as she works for Active Stirling. She commented: "It will be great to have a centrally located water based pitch that's convenient. Hopefully this will boost hockey in the area."

On facing Ireland she said: "We had close matches with Ireland over the summer so it will be a challenging series. Both nations have played each other so many times, you could say there’s a bit of a friendly rivalry. We're always up for playing Ireland."

Alisa gave some insight into the pitch opening activities: "The ceremony on Friday night is phase one of Active Stirling's launch of the new sports village, it's a giant step forward for us. Active Stirling wants to invite everyone out to enjoy the festivities and watch some great hockey. Hopefully we'll get people from every club out to celebrate."

Scotland beat Ireland 4-1 this summer along with all their other opponents to win the Celtic Cup.

It won't only be the women breaking in the new Stirling pitch. Scotland's men also clash with Ireland this weekend. The women and the men play three matches each.  All the women's matches will be capped while the men's final game is not.

Scotland squad:

Cath Rae, Vikki Bunce, Julie Mitchell, Katrina Cameron, Catriona Forrest, Samantha Judge, Holly Cram, Linda Clement, Emma Rochlin, Alison Rowatt, Ailsa Robertson, Nikki Kidd, Louise Carroll, Katie MacKay, Carmin Dow, Alison Bell, Emily Maguire, Aimee Clark, Kareena Marshall, Becky Merchant, Susan Hamilton, Scott Clare, Fiona Donald.

Source: Scotland Hockey