One of Euro Hockey League’s most important aims is to optimize TV impact by providing centrally produced coverage of the highest quality, and energetically promoting the competition to TV stations in and outside of Europe.

Euro Hockey League’s TV production partner Eyeworks is an independent international production company, and one of the leading production companies worldwide with vast experience in the production of sports and entertainment television.

From all venues and events, Eyeworks on behalf of EHL provides international standard TV coverage in 16x9 HD format, with between 11 and 16 cameras for every match, plus multiple ccd camera’s in dugouts and at penalty benches. Especially designed EHL leaders, graphics, and wipes developed by Dutchview Creative Center (all based on the logo design of Design Bridge, the specialized company that a.o. developed the art direction of UEFA’s Champions League) complete the full package delivered to media partners.

EHL is proud to announce that with negotiations still underway, agreements have been reached with the following media partners:

  • SBS (Netherlands): live coverage on Net5 of matches involving Dutch teams plus semi finals and finals
  • NOS (Netherlands): highlights of all matches involving Dutch teams in NOS Studio Sport (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Sky Sports (UK): 4 highlights programmes to be repeated 4 times (Round 1A, Round 1B, Rounds 2/3, Rounds 4/5)
  • NTV Plus (Russia): live coverage of all matches involving Russian teams plus semi finals and finals
  • Eurosport: live coverage of one match per venue
  • VRT (Belgium): highlights in regular news programs and some live coverage on 4 November
  • Hamburg 1 (Germany; local TV): live coverage of at least one group stage match of Club an der Alster and one match of Uhlenhorster
  • ESPN Star (South-East Asia): delayed coverage of some group phase matches; live coverage from the quarter finals onwards
  • ZDF (Germany), Zentralschweizer Fernsehen TeleTell (Switzerland) and ORF (Austria): highlights
  • FIH/ABN Amro WorldHockey Monthly (Worldwide): highlights included in the FIH distributed ABN Amro WorldHockey Monthly, a 26 minute monthly programme that is aired by numerous TV stations worldwide reaching viewers in over 80 countries

Additionally, Euro Hockey League highlights will be freely available from the EHL website

Source: EHL