Australian umpire Judy Barnesby (AUS) has been presented with her Golden Whistle during the ‘Good Luck Beijing’ Olympic test tournament in Beijing, China. The FIH Golden Whistle is presented to an umpire who officiated during 100 official international senior matches.

Judy Barnesby comes from Western Australia but has spent most of her umpiring career in Victoria, based in Melbourne. She has been a constant panel-member of the Australian Hockey League since its inception. Barnesby started her international umpire career on 3 November 1994 and is Grade 1 umpire since 12 December 1997. On 29 October 1999, Barnesby was promoted into the World Panel

As at today, she has umpired 111 Internationals, 106 Senior and 5 Junior. Her 100th Senior International was actually the first game in Melbourne in the recent Test Series between Australia and Japan.

Barnesby umpired the following major tournaments:

5 Champions Trophies – 1997 in Berlin, 1999 in Brisbane, 2000 in Amstelveen, 2005 in Canberra, 2006 in Amstelveen

1 Champions Challenge – 2002 in Randburg

1 World Cup Qualifier – 2001 in Amiens

1 World Cup – 2002 in Perth

1 Olympic Qualifier – 2004 in Auckland

1 Olympic Games – 2000 in Sydney

She goes down in history as the first umpire ever to request a Video Umpire decision (at the 2006 Champions Trophy in Amstelveen, Netherlands).

Judy becomes the 24th female umpire to receive a Golden Whistle, and only the second female AUS umpire to do so (after Peri Buckley).