An Indian ‘Bollywood’ movie with hockey as main subject will be released soon and will have its London premiere early August. The story is about a man mentoring a hockey team of young and feisty girls. Their determination, ambition and skills are put to test in an ultimate contest with the world’s top teams. For the girls it is a chance to make their nation proud. For their coach it is a chance to reclaim his lost honor.

Chak De India is a film about the fighting human spirit. It is directed by Shimit Amin and it stars Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role as the coach of Indian girls’ hockey team.

The film’s story revolves around a coach who returns to the game seven years after he was disgracefully ousted from it as a player. Vidya Malvade plays a Sikh girl with a strong passion for hockey. She wants to join the Indian team but her conservative parents are against it.

Not all is hunky dory when SRK takes over as the coach of the girl’s team. However, he coaches the girls and they then go to Australia to play the women's hockey World Cup where their grit, determination and integrity is tested.

‘Chak De India’ has been shot at various locations in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. While shooting in stadiums, the movie’s producers Yashraj Films gave out invitations to people to come and watch the shooting from the stadium seats. This way they managed to gather in the stadium huge crowds that served the movie’s purpose well.

‘Chak De India’ has music by Salim-Suleiman. The screenplay is by Jaideep Sahni while the costumes are by Mandira Shukla.

‘Chak De India’ will hit the theatres on 10 August. The movie will have its world premiere on 9 August at Somerset House in London. Shah Rukh, along with actress Vidya Malvade and other girls, will attend the premiere. Director Shimit Amin and producer Aditya Chopra will also be there.

A red carpet will be laid and a huge screen and surround sound system will reportedly be put in place at Somerset House for the film’s premiere. Around 2000 people are expected to attend the premiere.

‘It is a great honor for London to host this launch event for a film, which, like so many Bollywood blockbusters, will touch the hearts and minds of millions across the world,’ Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, has said.

Source: Yashraj Films.