(Photo: GNN/Vino John)

The women’s teams of South Africa and Kenya extended their lead at the Women’s African Olympic Qualifier after Tuesday’s action here in Nairobi, Kenya.

South Africa defeated Zimbabwe easily (9-0), while host Kenya took a 2-0 victory over Nigeria. With two more preliminary pool matches to play, it looks like South Africa and Kenya will meet each other in Sunday’s final.

In the other Tuesday match, Ghana climbed to the third place on the ranking by defeating Namibia 2-0. There were no matches scheduled in the Men’s African Olympic Qualifier on Tuesday.

Action here in Nairobi continues on Wednesday with two men’s and two women’s matches scheduled. The winner of the African Olympic Qualifier will earn a ticket to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Women’s African Olympic Qualifier
Results Tuesday 17 July 2007

Ghana – Namibia 2-0
Kenya – Nigeria 2-0
South Africa – Zimbabwe 9-0

Standing: 1. South Africa 3-9 (24-0), 2. Kenya 3-9 (4-0), 3. Ghana 3-4 (5-4), 4. Namibia 3-3 (2-9), 5. Nigeria 3-1 (3-13), 6. Zimbabwe 3-0 (0-12).

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