(Photo: © BOCOG)

The Organizing Committee for the Beijing 2008 Games has launched its brand new official web site. The new site is based on a solid foundation of quick Games-time turnaround, making use of mature, mainstream technology, an elegant color scheme and tasteful design, and clear and simply organization for ease of use.

Since its creation in 2001, the official web site of the Beijing 2008 Games has undergone numerous facelifts: from solely reporting news to becoming a comprehensive platform for news about Games preparations, society and sports events as well as interactive action with web users. The number of official web site visitors surpassed 1.3 million on the day the official mascots were released. 

From a design angle, the new official web site adheres to the Beijing 2008 image and look - using green-blue and Chinese-scholar-tree green as its main colors. The overall design has a perfectly balanced, aesthetically pleasing look, representing a green and humanistic Olympic Games, and possesses lasting representative Chinese characteristics and essence. In terms of content design, the new official site places more emphasis on the visitor’s experience. The organization of the site is simple, with a more intuitive layout. 

At present, the new site is available in three languages — Chinese, English and French. The specific requirements for language groups were fully considered in designing every part of the web site, from column placement to subject schemes.

Discover the new Beijing 2008 website on www.beijing2008.com

Source: IOC / BOCOG