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Pitches and Equipment

The FIH is responsible for helping to maintain and ensure that the quality of pitches and the safety standard of equipment remains at the highest level worldwide. Below are the key areas that encompass the FIH Pitches and Equipment department along with useful resources and tools.


Approved Manufacturers and Laboratories

The FIH approves various pitch and ball manufacturers and publishes the list for reference by the general public. To find out if your pitch or ball is FIH approved, please refer to the following lists which are updated on a regular basis. 

List of Certified Installed Pitches

This is a list of pitches which have been tested by FIH accredited laboratories and found to meet the specified requirements

Pitch Handbook

Your one stop shopping for all things Pitch related. It is a handbook of preformance requirements for synthetic turf hockey pitches and for incorporating test precedures.


The FIH and its partners have created several useful documents for public use regarding pitches and equipment. Below is a comprehensive list of the resources available. All can be printed and used as a reference guide.

Guide to Installing Hockey Pitches and Facilities

Worthy of its own mention as a publication is the guide to installing hockey pitches. This guide, broken into smaller useable chapters, is the ultimate resource with topics ranging from  project planning, through specifying requirements and managing the construction, to maintaining pitches and associated facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list to see if the question on the tip of your tongue is one that is asked around the world. Or simply click here to learn something that you might not have known about pitches and equipment.


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