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FIH Committees and Advisory Panels

The FIH currently has seven committees and three advisory panels, below is a list of all the members and a summary of each group's function.

Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee is responsible for the appointment of Technical Officials for Outdoor and Indoor Hockey Tournaments as required by the FIH Chart of Responsibility, Hosting Contracts with National Associations and/or the various FIH policies and procedures based upon set criteria appropriate to the particular Tournament.

Chair Willard Harris TRI
Secretary Richard Wilson FIH
Members Ana Tuero Vigil ESP
  Nii Quaye-Kumah GHA
  Horacio Servetto ARG
  Lyn Farrell NZL
  Brian Fernandez MAS

Appointments Committee Terms of Reference

Athletes Committee

The Athletes Committee is made up of former hockey players who have the responsibility to act as a liason between the FIH and the athletes and make sure the athletes have a voice in the decision making process.

Chair Michael Green GER
Secretary Sandra Harik
Members Lindsey Wright-Carlisle RSA
  Linda Ee SIN
  Henri Lhomme FRA
  Bram Lomans NED
  Simon Mason ENG
  Liam de Young AUS
  Beth Smith NZL
  Scott Sandison CAN

Athletes Committee Terms of Reference

Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee is responsible for all logistical items related to FIH events. This can include, but is not limited to, the calendar of events, sanctioning events, discussion of regulations and competition procedures at the top level FIH competitions.

Chair Ken Read AUS
Secretary Martyn Gallivan FIH
Athletes Rep Michael Green GER
Africa Marelize de Klerk RSA
Asia Mathavan Devadas SIN
Europe Wiert Doyer NED
Oceania Sarah Garnett NZL
PanAm Rene Zelkin USA
  Heino Knuf GER
  Asif Bajwa  PAK
  Alberto de Frutos ESP
  Narinder Batra IND

Risk and Compliance Committee

 The Risk and Compliance Committee helps to ensure that risk management, governance and sound processes are in operation.

Chair Stephan Abel GER
Secretary Diana Capsa FIH
Rep EB Mary Cicinelli CAN
Foundation Jean-Pierre Strebel SUI
Members: Fumio Ogura JPN
  David Collier ENG
  Pavel Cherepanov RUS
  Martin Gotheridge ENG
  Joachim Hurter GER

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the official international rules of hockey. 

Chair David Collier ENG
Secretary Richard Wilson FIH
Members Peter Elders NED
  Margaret Hunnaball ENG
  Ramesh Patel NZL
  Katrina Powell AUS
  Christian Blasch GER
  Eric Donegani CAN
  Alain Renaud FRA
  Clive McMurray RSA

Rules Committee Terms of Reference

Umpiring Committee

The Umpiring Committee is responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient Umpires and Umpire Managers trained and prepared for the appropriate level, representing all Continents, to officiate at all levels of International Tournaments throughout the world

Chair Ermanno Silvano ITA
Secretary Richard Wilson FIH
Athletes Rep Lindsey Wright-Carlisle RSA
Africa Shiraz Ali Rahiman Yakub KEN
Asia Masako Kamisuki JPN
Europe Carola Meyer GER
Oceania Jason McCracken NZL
PanAm Roger St Rose TRI
  Bjorn Isberg SWE
  Renee Cohen NED

Umpiring Committee Terms of Reference

Equipment Advisory Panel

The Equipment Advisory Panel has the responsibility to maintain the highest standards for all hockey equipment and pitches and make recommendations to ensure that the standard is maintained.

Chief Advisor Jean-Claude Le Clef BEL
Secretary Dora Varga FIH
Members Simon Mason ENG
  Louis Coster NED
  Wolfgang Hillman GER

Equipment Panel Terms of Reference

High Performance and Coaching Advisory Panel

The High Performance and Coaching Advisory Panel is a group of elite level coaching experts who work to promote high performance and coaching expertise and materials, and making them accessible to all FIH Member Associations in order to raise the standard of play worldwide.

Chair Steve Jaspan RSA
Secretary Tayyab Ikram FIH
Members Herman Kruis NED
  Jorge Lombi ARG
  Tahir Zaman PAK
  Heino Knuf GER
  Jenny King RSA

High Performance Panel Terms of Reference

Judicial Commission

The Judicial Commission is a group of neutral legal advisors that acts as a mediator in legal FIH matters.

President Don Davies AUS
Deputy President Michael Krause GER
Deputy President Annabel Pennefather SIN
  Gordon Nurse ENG
  George Bennett BAR
  Paul Litjens NED
  Urvasi Naidoo ENG
  Stuart Margetson IRE
  Janice Shardlow ENG
  Vincenzo Vitale ITA
  Reinoud Imhof NED
  Tim Ollerenshaw ENG
  Pablo Reyes GUA
  Eduardo Guelfand ARG

Medical Advisory Panel

The Medical Advisory Panel ensures that all FIH events uphold the highest safety standards for the athletes and makes recommendations to improve athlete safety based on data and research.

Chief Advisor Peter Wefers-Bettink NED
Secretary Dora Varga FIH
Members Michael Green GER
  Adrian Lorde BAR
  Wiebke Müller-Eising GER

Medical Panel Terms of Reference

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