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The FIH Mission

The FIH is the international governing body for the sport of hockey. Its mission is to:

  • Encouragepromote, develop and control hockey at all levels throughout the world
  • Support and maintain the ideals and objects of the Olympic movement and in particular the fight against doping
  • Exercise jurisdiction over and to determine disputes or disagreements between Members, between Continental Federations, between Members and Continental Federations, between Athletes and FIH and between Athletes and a Continental Federation
  • Establish and maintain an efficient administration
  • Preserve the independence of the FIH in all matters directly or indirectly concerning Hockey without the intervention of any outside authority; and
  • Conduct itself and take such administrative, financial or other actions as are necessary and in conformity with and in furtherance of its objects.

The FIH Powers

 In furtherance of its mission, the FIH may:

  • Establish rules for Hockey and enforce them uniformly for all Events throughout the world;
  • Define the rules governing eligibility for the game of hockey to be observed by all Members;
  • Raise funds for the activities of the FIH by all available means including from fees, levies and subscriptions, royalties, sponsorships and the licensing or assignment of commercial and other rights;
  • Establish rules and/or regulations for the conduct of Events under the jurisdiction of the FIH;
  • Establish rules and/or regulations for the resolution of disputes, disagreements or misconduct with respect to the affairs of the FIH and the game of Hockey and impose sanctions;
  • Establish Anti-Doping Regulations and the procedures for their implementation.
  • Employ and pay and terminate the employment of any person or persons to supervise, organise and carry out the work of the FIH;
  • Purchase, take on lease or in exchange or otherwise acquire any property or other rights and privileges necessary for the promotion of its objects and construct, maintain and alter any buildings or premises necessary for the work of the FIH;
  • Sell, let, mortgage, dispose of or turn to account all or any of the property or assets of the FIH;
  • Invest the funds of the FIH not immediately required in or on such investments, securities or property as may be thought fit by the Executive Board subject to any conditions as may for the time being be imposed by the Executive Board or required by law; and
  • Take such lawful action as is necessary or desirable for the attainment of the objects of the FIH.
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